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Brown & Company creates some of the most unique and innovative outdoor structures. From simple backyard decks to full pavilions with outdoor kitchens, make Brown & Company your first call for outdoor pavilions and decks. 

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As the trend for outdoor pavilions has increased with time, so has the taste of clients changed over a period. Formerly, clients who might have been satisfied with a small outdoor lounging space now want every possible comfort outdoors. From a proper sitting area to the perfect lighting and lounging place, home owners want it all! And that is why, seeing the rising demand for luxurious comfort and stylish pavilions, Long Island home improvement contactors are faced with the challenge to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic needs of the client market.

Do you love the charming outdoor pavilions that home owners build on their property? Have you always wanted an adorable pavilion at the center of your garden? We can make your dreams come true, with our professional services as Long Island contractors in the area.

Who can resist the captivating charm of a small or medium sized outdoor pavilion, which beckons to all to relax and be comfortable anytime they want? With the increasing demand for an updated and modern look outdoors, Brown & Company provides services to meet the needs of probable clients.


When it comes to outdoor pavilions, home owners can opt for the most unique or simple construction designs for their homes. To each his own preference, but the construction industry has seen the introduction of some of the most interesting pavilion designs recently.

As the tastes and preferences of clients change with time, architects and designers have introduced highly captivating designs, which ensure both comfort and luxury.


The aim of the designer is to devise something unique, which is charming, contemporary and unique to all the others.

Another very important aspect that designers and contractors take into account is the architectural style of the house, available space, and lifestyle of the property owner. These factors play a very important role when it comes to the design and construction of an outdoor pavilion for a property owner.

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