Why Brown & Company?

Our Competitive Edge

 Every business has a competitive edge, and the traits which mark us as a unique entity within the industry are our commitment to client satisfaction and our goal to manage multiple trades across several teams simultaneously.

These are two highly singular and difficult qualities to promise, but we not only ensure these services to our clients, but also distinguish ourselves in the industry on their basis.

Commitment To Client Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our most unique quality! We pride ourselves in putting our clients first and ensuring their complete satisfaction at all times!

Our customers should be happy and completely satisfied with the end result of our jobs, and that is our ultimate motto.

We are Long Island custom home builders who work for our clients, and our teams do not rest until they get the full approval for their assigned work. We focus on what the client wants, and aim to find ways which would ensure a complete project as per customer specified requirements.

Our focus on offering clients with customized services with acute attention to details is exactly what differentiates us from the others in the industry.

Decades Of Industry Experience

With our owner bringing 28 years of firsthand experience as a contractor to the company team, we pride ourselves in providing expert services which have been honed with vigorous industry experience.

We are not a new company with an inexperienced team. On the contrary, we have utilized our biggest asset – our experience – to distinguish our services in the sector and offer our clients with a chance to benefit from our expertise.

Our experience enables us to provide exemplary services, within an affordable budget, in multiple trades in the sector. From repair services, to remodeling projects, and construction assignments starting from scratch, we offer services for both residential and commercial needs.

Our experience has made us experts, allowing us to handle and execute the completion of diverse construction projects, both in the residential and commercial segment.

Coordination Of Multiple Trades And Teams

With a number of teams working on different projects on one property, miscommunication and non alignment can lead to serious problems, and that is exactly what we take care to avoid!

With our experience in providing services to residential as well as commercial clients, we understand the hassle associated with trying to handle the multiple trades and teams at one time. What distinguishes us from competition in the industry is the fact that not only do we provide all answers to home repair, remodeling and construction under one roof, but also ensure better coordination.

Our experience in the industry has taught us that it is invaluable to have proper coordination amongst multiple teams working in different capacities on the same property. This ensures completion of the project well within the specified deadline, along with a hassle free and highly satisfactory end result.

We ensure complete expert coordination amongst a number of teams operating across multiple trades, on projects, thus ensuring a project which is according to the client’s needs, and completed within the deadline in an affordable budget.

With quality service execution, and expert skill in the industry, we focus on providing clients with exactly what they need. And this proves to be our competitive edge in the industry.

Contact Us

If you want to benefit from our expert services and make the next remodeling project in your house a hassle-free and satisfactory experience, then contact us at 631.223.4060 Whether you need urgent repair services for your home, or just want to change the layout of your kitchen by opting for a remodeling option, our team of experts will help you out at every step of the way.

If you are thinking of finally starting construction work on your dream house or office premises, then our experienced team will provide you with a completed project, in accordance with your design requirements.

Are you opting for a new home construction in Long Island? Are you unsure about your project design? Wish to get the advice of experts before starting actual construction work on your residential or commercial property? Then call us to get in touch with experienced experts, who will not only offer you with quality services, but also provide consultation advice to ensure a fault free construction design, as per your needs. Want an estimate of home remodeling in Long Island?

We offer home repair, remodeling and construction services in Long Island, which also includes the areas of Sag Harbor, Muttontown, Bridgehampton, East Quogue, Sagaponack, Westhampton and Brookville.

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