We have served as Long Island home improvement contractors in the industry and our experience marks us as experts within the sector. For any and every type of home repair and remodeling job, we are the best team for the job!

We are after all, ….

Your one stop solution to all home repair, remodeling and construction jobs!

When we say every kind of repair and remodeling job, we really mean it! Our vast and detailed services portfolio is testimony to the fact that we have everything to offer for the convenience of our clients, right from the simplest of repair jobs, to complete room remodeling and even home construction.

Our services portfolio includes expertise in the following:

  • New home construction
  • Home repair services
  • Commercial construction
  • Home remodeling services

We offer all types of related service assistance associated with these projects. No job is too big or small for us!

Our Services

New Home Construction

Are you planning to lay the foundation of your dream house? Have you finally decided on the floor plan of your new house and have got the design approved by the authorities? Then what is keeping you from starting work on the dream project?

If you need a team of talented people who have the required skill set needed to work out your home plan to perfection, then we are the team for the job!

Our team of skilled workers, under the guidance of our owner, who has around 28 years of experience in the sector, offers you the assurance of providing you with a complete project, which is exactly what you had in mind!

Having served in the industry as Long Island custom home builders for many years, we know how to please clients and offer them exactly what they asked for within a reasonable budget and a realistic deadline.

We understand the worries of our customers, and that is why we ensure consultation advice related to the best plan and execution strategy, for the completion of the construction in complete accordance with the specified needs of the client.

No matter what the construction design, we ensure highly satisfactory work, which will please our customers and always sets standards in quality work.

We build the house from its foundations, right down to the last detailing, as per the express requirement details of our clients. Our industry experience has taught us how to handle the diverse needs of our customers and provide them with assistance which results in their complete satisfaction.

So, whether you need skilled workers to handle the construction work on your new home project, or require a team of professionals to offer their expert opinion over a design plan for perfect construction, we are the team for the job!

Commercial Construction

Aside from offering services for residential construction, we also work on the completion of construction projects for clients in the commercial sector. If you need a team for the construction of your commercial project, then avail our experienced services at once!

With years of expert experience, we have handled a variety of commercial construction projects, set to delight customers and serve their purpose perfectly. Not only are our commercial constructions a pleasant sight to behold, but they are also completed as per the express customized requirements of our clients.

We understand the difference in construction and regulations related to commercial projects, and deliver flawless work to delight the eyes and ensure maximum comfort with functionality. With special attention to detail, we deliver a piece of art- an embodiment of our quality expertise.

So, no matter what the project, we handle all types of commercial construction assignments and deliver quality work within the agreed upon deadline. Whether it is a new office premises, or a business outlet, rest assured. We offer construction services which highlight our finesse and skill in the industry.

Home Repair Services

Do you need quality services for home repair in Long Island at home? Do you have a number of small repair jobs that need immediate professional attention? Our team of professionals offers services that will have all your repair work sorted out and handled in a professional manner, without any worries or hassles for our customers.

The repair work in your home might be a small job or a major assignment which needs professional handling by a team of skilled experts. In both cases we are just the people for the job. No job is too big or small for us! We believe in giving our best services every time and making loyal clients out of our customers.

We believe in the adage, well begun, is half done! And that is why we set to our tasks and commit to completing them on time, to absolute perfection!

Whether it is something as trivial as a leaky faucet, or as serious as a leaking roof, we are always the team to call for the task. From repairing broken windows and doors, to finding leaks on roofs, we ensure quality repair services for all!

All good repair work needs is commitment, and we have an abundance of it at Brown & Company!

Home Remodeling

When it comes to home remodeling, we offer an exhaustive portfolio of services for you to choose from. To make your home remodeling project a success, we ensure complete assistance and consultation when needed. We are committed to ensure customer satisfaction, by offering our diverse clients with exactly what they need, in an affordable budget and a suitable time frame.

Our portfolio is so exhaustive that you will find everything from kitchen remodeling services to decks and pavilion construction! We offer every service you could possibly need to give your house an uplift and remodel it to your entire satisfaction.

Our remodeling services include features like:

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Roofing and siding
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Wine cellars
  • Decks and pavilions
  • Architectural millwork

Kitchens & Bathrooms

If you wish to change the layout or style of your kitchen and bathroom space, our team will offer you complete guidance and service quality till the project is completed to your entire satisfaction.

Our experts can offer you advice to select the right room layout and fittings, and make your remodeling project a successful venture.

Roofing & Siding

If you need to change or repair the roofing and siding in Long Island, then avail our expert services for this hassling yet critical job. You need professional remodeling services while changing your roofing or siding, and our team handles the assignment with professional diligence, creating no cause for worry or hassle for you in the process.

With years of experience in the industry, we handle all roofing and siding jobs with great ease and expert precision. Just leave the job in our capable hands and watch while we work the magic!

Decks and Pavilions

Want to remodel or construct a stylish deck around your house? Our team is capable of carrying out your required design specifications to the last detail.

Now, while thinking of making a stylish modification to the house, you don’t have to worry about all the hassle and worry. Just leave the job in the capable hands of our team and watch as we remodel a pavilion in your house grounds which will be sight of pure joy for you.

The crafted skill of our team and experience enables us to provide satisfactory results every time.

Custom Woodwork

Whether you want a remodeling job on your wine cellar or just wish to change the architectural millwork around your house, our team handles both jobs to perfection.

You can change the entire look of your house with the right architectural millwork, and make it look more stylish, appealing and spacious. The only thing you need is to appoint the experts for the job who will handle your task with professional perfection. And this is where we step into the picture with our expertise!

Diverse Range of Expertise

We pride ourselves on offering such a comprehensive service portfolio which ensures complete support to our diverse clients. From the most simplest of repair jobs to the overwhelming task of planning and executing the construction plan of a new home or office building, we have it all covered and taken care of!

With the assurance of the quality of our services, you don’t have to worry about anything at all! Just leave the remodeling, construction or repair job in our capable hands, and you will be able to enjoy excellent services which will make the entire experience highly satisfactory for you.

We work with a commitment to get the job done every time, doting all the I’s and crossing the t’s with perfection! We never settle for anything than the very best and thus offer our clients in the residential and commercial sector with a viable solution to all their repair, remodeling, and construction needs.


A "One Stop" Experience

We, at Brown & Company, pride ourselves on offering you with the one stop solution to all your home remodeling, repair and construction needs, under one roof! All you have to do is to browse through our long list of offered services to have your pick and you can benefit from the experienced expertise of our skilled team.

We understand the hassles and complexities of managing repair and remodeling work at home. Our years of experience in the industry have made us accustomed to the intricate details of handling all the work and minimizing associated issues.

What every homeowner needs is a skilled team of Long Island home builders, who offer expert advice along with experienced craftsmanship to help build bright and roomy spaces, which are a source of joy and comfort for all.

To minimize any discomfort and worry, it is essential to choose the right Long Island contractors, who have the right set of skills, talent, craftsmanship, experience, and expertise to handle a variety of remodeling and repair jobs and complete them to perfection.

If you wish to initiate work on the construction plans of your new home, or office building, then it is very critical to appoint only the best new home builders in Long Island to handle such a crucial project. Nobody wants their investment at risk, and that is why it is so critically important to only select the best team for the job.

How about selecting a team which offers the complete combination of all required services for home repair, remodeling or construction you might need at any time? We at Brown & Company, ensure complete assistance every step of the way, with our vast portfolio of high quality services!

One Team Does It All!

Whether you need a simple job or a proper remodeling of your kitchen space, Brown & Company is always at your service. We provide services for a variety of trades and have the potential to manage multiple teams, across a single or a set of different projects, at a time!

From remodeling your deck or pavilion to repairing the roofing or siding on your house we ensure complete support all the way! If you wish to hire a company for commercial construction in Long Island, then avail the expert services of our experienced team.

So, if you wish to hire a Long Island home builder company for the construction of your new home, then rest assured, our team will handle the job perfectly!

Contact Us

If you wish to know more details about the different services that we provide, just contact us at 631.901.7277. You can also mail us your queries and feedback at info@brownandcompanyny.com Hire one company to handle all the remodeling and construction work in your home or office, and enjoy the benefits of great work coordination, expert services in an affordable budget and assurance of project completion within the specified deadline.