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Building your new home is no easy task and involves your complete involvement, from the initial floor planning of the space right up to the last brick placed in the right spot for the completion of the project. This stressing task is made even more troubling for a new homeowner, because of having to keep in touch with their contractor and team. They have to make sure that all the work is done according to plan and the construction work is completed on time.

Exceptional Service.

For the new home construction in Long Island, it is essential to choose a team of contractors who are fully equipped to handle all the details of your project and will be able to deliver a construction which ensures maximum comfort and does not vary from the original design.

Enjoy a hassle free and affordable new home construction with us, and watch the house of your dreams being built brick by brick!

To escape the hassling task of troubling over a team of contractors working on your dream home, it is important to make the right choice at the start. Only opt for the services of a contractor who has extensive experience of working on similar projects and can provide you with a home project constructed according to your needs. We, at Brown & Company, ensure your complete satisfaction every step of the construction process.

Affordable Budget.

What you need are Long Island home builders and contractors who can offer you exceptional services with assurance. Instead of entrusting the task of constructing your new home to an amateur contractor, it is important to opt for the services of a company which brings years of skill to the project. By hiring the services of an experienced contractor, you can be sure of a construction project which is built according to the laws and your customized requirements. When it comes to investing money on home construction, no one wants to risk the capital by hiring unreliable contractors who don’t prove to be up to the job.

What you, like every other aspiring homeowner, needs is a company which is known for reliable high quality construction services. This way, you can safeguard your investment and ensure that your new house is exactly how you pictured it in your dreams!

Do you want your new home construction project to be completed on time and within an affordable budget? Then contact the Brown & Company team of Long Island custom home builders to enjoy our skilled services and professional expertise, as we put them to the test and deliver you with a construction project that you will love and we will be proud of!

Reliable & Experienced.

What we offer our diverse clientele is the opportunity to benefit from our years of perfected skills and enjoy a new home which is constructed as per their specifications. Your new home construction is the most important time and capital investment you will probably make in your life. That is why it is very crucial to make the right choice, on your project. We understand the importance of your new home in your life, and that is why we make sure that the entire construction process, from the start till the very end, is to your complete satisfaction. We never compromise on quality of service, and that is what makes us different from the others in the industry!

Everybody wants something unique and stylish in their dream house. You must also have dreamt of a beautiful house with a pretty pavilion or deck to add to the charm of your new abode. Well, we are here to make your dream house become a reality!We are Long Island custom home builders and customized home construction is our forte. We aim to deliver the very best services to our clients when it comes to constructing the house of their dreams.

We know how important it is for you to have your new house perfect for your family, and that is why we coordinate with you on every minor detail, making sure that your dream house is as spacious, comfortable and suitable as you have always wished for it to be!We make your dreams come true with our exemplary professional services and commitment towards perfection, offering you a highly satisfactory experience!

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