Custom Home Theatres

Do you want to enjoy a thrilling home theatre experience in your new home? Want to add an element of fun entertainment to your existing home and fix up a spectacular home theatre which would make everyone go green with envy? Then what are you waiting for? Just give our expert team a call and have us design a home theatre exactly as you envisioned!

Why run the hassle of trying to buy tickets, travel and catch a movie in the crowded theatres when you can watch your all-time favorites and more in your very own home cinema, complete with all the perks that it entails! Any old movie flick you just love every time you watch it? Any movie which is an all-time favorite of the family? Why not plan quality family time with everyone crowded on the sofa enjoying the exhilarating theatre experience within your home? Expertly designed home theatres let you do that, and more!

All you need to do to bring the theatre to your home is call in the experts and ask them to design a home theatre masterpiece on your property – the pinnacle of home entertainment! Give us a call and discuss the details and we will finish the project according to your customized requirements.

Variety Of Options To Choose From

When it comes to the design and construction of your home theatre, there are a number of options to explore and experiment with. No idea is too bizarre or complex. If you have a set idea in your mind of what you want, then just fire away and we will work our magic to bring it to reality!

Whether you have a small space available to fix up as a home theatre or have the luxury to experiment with a large room anyway you like, we help you to get the final look that you want.

Do you admire the luxurious comfort in home theatres designed for exquisite manor houses, or do you marvel at the excellent detailing of the media rooms photographed in different magazines? Maybe you want your service provider to display their skills and transform your small room into a classic home theatre which will make your house the center of entertainment for the entire family and friend circle.

Whether you want to opt for the plush comfort or want the complete theatre effect with the cinema seats, just let us know. If you want a home theatre designed according to a particular theme or want comfortable seating with ample space, we will help you get the final effect that you desire.

From theme designed home theatres to plush luxury and even comfy cinematic surroundings, we take care of it all. You might want a home theatre with a classic theatre box effect, or maybe wish for soft lighting and comfort, or maybe entirely for contemporary designed media room.

Hire The Best For The Perfect Effect

So what do you have in mind for the perfect home theatre? Are you well-versed in the different factors that make up for the best experience – the ideal room shape, materials, walls, flooring, room theme, paint color, speaker placement and the best angle for the installment of the media room screen?

We analyze the dimensions of your room and assess the best locations for the placement of the speakers, theatre screen and other paraphernalia important for a home theatre. We make sure that the placement is done accordingly so that you won’t have to face any kind of harmonic distortions. A rectangular room with the speakers placed in front of small wall is the ideal placement choice, ensuring sound quality and extreme comfort.

Our team will work according to your requirements while offering expert guidance about the best possible design for your home theatre. Flooring options which help to give the plush cinema effect and absorb the ambient sound are a good option, and we will equip your theatre room with the solution best suited to ensure relaxing entertainment in maximum comfort.

When it comes to wall colors, we understand that you want your home theatre to be the centre of fun entertainment, and while you might want to experiment with wall colors, our team has a few suggestions to offer. The darker the wall color, the better the results. Bright colored walls will reflect the light during the screening which is highly distracting. We help you choose the flat paint or reflection fighting paint option, for the ideal home theatre cinematic effect.

To get the unique look you want for your home theatre, discuss with us your personal favorite styles and we will offer you expert guidance to help you get a home theatre which is the last thing in fashion entertainment comfort!

Soundproof Home Theatres- Maximum Enjoyment With No Discomfort

The most important feature of a theatre room is that it needs to be made properly soundproof; otherwise you will face discomfort and even the complaints of your neighbors.

Making your media room soundproof is essential and we help you design a room which contains all the loud fun noise within its walls, not allowing any noise to escape and cause any kind of disruption in a normal lifestyle.

We use the latest technology and high quality material for the job. It is a job for experts and that is why it is best to leave it to the professionals for exemplary results. Sound deadening drywall, sound panels, and drapes are used to deaden the sound produced by your high definition speaker system.

Acoustic panels and insulating drapes need to be expertly installed for the perfect effect. Soundproof your room so that you and your family can enjoy hours of entertainment with no need to keep a watch on the sound!

Why You Need Us

You need us to do the job perfectly. When you invest to get the perfect home theatre in your house, we make sure that you get what you asked for!

We never compromise on quality and offer you a finished job, which you will love and we will be proud of! From the latest trendiest ideas in home theatre styling, to the most traditional, regular or contemporary design ideas, we offer services for all.

From the alignment of the room, to deciding the best placement of the screens and speaker system media, we take care of it all. To get the best sound effect, the right placement of the equipment and the estimation of the optimum seating distance, is very important, and we do it all.

You need our expert team from the stage of the designing of the media room all the way to the final installment of the plan, right down to giving the finishing touches to your new home theatre.

What We Offer

When you opt for our services, you choose to benefit from the best in the market. We use the best quality materials with our expert crafted workmanship to offer you nothing but the finest quality services in the sector.

No job is too complex for us. From the most intricate home theatre designs to the contemporary chic design styles of today, we take care of it all. If you want a perfect cinema effect complete with reclining chairs and a snack machine to compliment the theme then just give us a call and let us work the magic!

When you opt for our services, you get…

Experienced Skilled Craftsmanship

Our team has learned from the extensive firsthand experience of our owner, bringing more than 20 years of expertise to the company. We have perfected our skills to offer nothing but the very best in service assistance. We work from a holistic perspective to create your home theatre as per your requirements.

Customized Services

We work according to the project details of our clients and finish up a home theatre project which is completed as per the customized specifications of our diverse clientele.

We understand your need to be different and that is why we help you design a home theatre that offers unparalleled entertainment comfort and is perfect for all your cinematic requirements.

Extensive Service Portfolio

Our service portfolio includes home theatre design and style along with kitchen remodeling and basement construction projects. We have the skill to handle a variety of remodeling and construction projects, as per industry standards and the requirements of our clients.

Free Consultation Assistance

If you want expert advice about the home theatre design you have in mind, you can always avail our free consultation service.

If you are confused about a design detail or want advice about the feasibility of a proposed alternative construction style, then call our experts for a free service consultation.

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If you want to know about our services in detail, just call our expert team at 631.223.4060 , and learn about all we have to offer.