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Are you thinking of opting for a remodeling job for the common bathroom in your house? Have you taken this decision because the bathroom space is in bad need of a remodeling job, or do you wish for a changed layout to make your bathroom more spacious? Your reason for opting for a bathroom remodeling job in your home, guides the kind of construction plan that will be most suited to your needs. The changes that you want made, need to be in alignment with your lifestyle. Otherwise the remodeling job will prove to be more of an expense than a comfort.

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We have installed tumbled marble, granite, blue stone, lime stone, tile and porcelain tile. We have established working business relationships with only reputable suppliers and vendors, with whom we can share our relationships with our clients. For bathroom remodeling on Long Island trust Lic & Ins Long Island Builder. Brown & Company serving Suffolk County, New York. Call for info 631-901-7277

Each and every Bathroom is outfitted with all new Electric and Plumbing, to avoid future malfunction or inconvenience. We Install all new insulation, replace any structural components, as necessary, all new moisture-resistant drywall, durock in bath and shower area’s, float Portland cement and sand mud sub-floor, prior to all floor tile installations and we spackle and paint to completion.

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We are a full service Contracting outfit, that covers light Electrical as well as light Plumbing, which enables us to be extremely competitive as well as, the ability to shrink construction time. We strive to keep most of the work “in-House”, to maintain the utmost quality and workmanship, to keep a pulse on respective budgets and ultimately deliver your Bathroom as quickly as humanly possible, to minimize your inconvenience. With many factors affecting scheduling, ordering supplies and materials and coordinating each step of the process, we have established relationships with excellent Electrical and Plumbing sub-contractors, to assist us with our every need.

Every Bathroom is Different

For every individual, a job of bathroom remodeling in Long Island, is an entirely different thing. Some see it as an opportunity to improve on the poor conditions of their present bathroom, while others see it as a chance to make their bathroom a luxury space.

While common bathrooms in a house need to have a spacious and bright remodeling design, the bathroom of a teenager would be a decidedly different project altogether. Couples would want bathroom spaces to be spacious enough to easily accommodate their important things, while a young individual would want a huge bath tub to relax after a long and tiring day at work. To each his own! And that is exactly what we ensure.

Whether you want to transform your current bathroom into a luxurious space with a vanity cabinet and a spacious bath tub, or just want to make the most of the small bathroom space in your home, we are the team of experts for the job! We handle all kinds of jobs for bathroom remodeling in Long Island, to suit the diverse needs of our extensive client market.

Know What You Need?

Do you have any idea of the kind of remodeling job you want in your bathroom? Do you want to increase the size of the current space, or transform it into a stylish space? The choice is completely yours! And your wish is our command! It is very important to know what you need in the design plan of your bathroom remodeling job. Some clients wish to give their bathrooms an entirely new look, while others wish to opt for change while making sure that their bathrooms still complement the current theme of their house.

Some wish for a revolutionary change in their old bathroom, while others only wish for a remodeling job which makes their bathroom a little more spacious and bright.

Do you know what you want? Have you decided on a remodeling plan which suits your requirements and is possible to execute? If you are uncertain, then avail the help of our team of experts who have worked in the industry for a number of years and handled numerous remodeling jobs according to client satisfaction.

Add Value to Your Home

Bathroom remodeling is recognized as one of the foolproof methods of improving the value of your property on the market. So, if you are preparing your house for sale on the market, then you need the help of a team of experts.

What you require is the assistance of a company which can help you make the right decision and utilize your investment in the right way. With a limited budget to spend, you need to make the right decision when it comes to prepping your home for a good sale on the market.

But while bathroom remodeling is a necessary job when it comes to improving the chances of a good house sale on the market, you should know which room layout would be the best choice. While you might go for the latest bathroom fittings and contemporary style for your remodeling job, if it doesn’t blend well with the current theme of your house, then the remodeling job will be a complete waste. Make sure that the theme you have chosen compliments the theme of the house while adding value to your property. And how will you ensure that? Simply, by seeking the advice of our expert team.

If you are one enthusiastic individual and wish to completely transform the look and style of your old bathroom, then just provide us the details of the layout and plan, and then relax while we set to work to provide you with a remodeling job you have never seen before.

From tiny bathroom spaces to medium sized rooms and luxuriously large bathrooms, we offer remodeling services for all! Whether you want to utilize the latest modern fittings to make your small bathroom look roomy, or wish to make your regular sized bathroom more comfortable, we can handle the job! If you want the latest style in luxury bathroom remodeling in Long Island, all you’ve got to do is ask! Our team will see to the details! From stylish fittings to contemporary modern designs we do it all! All we need are the details of your preferred room layout and then we work to complete the project as per your specifications.

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